PikeJimmy photoThe Jimmy Pike Scholarship commemorates the life and work of Kimberley artist and printmaker, Jimmy Pike.

In his will, artist Jimmy Pike provided for a Trust to be set up to receive future earnings from the application of his designs under license, to be used for the benefit of other Aboriginal artists. Proceeds of sales of paintings also go to the Trust.

Through a relationship Jimmy Pike had with the School of Communications and Arts at Edith Cowan University in Perth, the Trust has so far used the funds to provide annual scholarships for two or three Kimberley Aboriginal artists to attend printmaking workshops at the School over two weeks each March/April.  This has been a highly successful programme, which may be expanded to include other art forms.

The scholarship aims to:

  • facilitate cross-cultural exchange between artists and ECU students and staff
  • enable artists to learn new printmaking techniques or strengthen their existing skills within a fully equipped and supported studio environment
  • encourage a two-way flow of ideas, inspirations, materials, techniques and skills between artists-in-residence, ECU students and staff
  • enrich remote arts communities with new ideas and skills brought back by the artists

Read about the impact of two-way exchange within the studio in this article from Imprint, by Paul Uhlmann from Edith Cowan University (reproduced by kind permission of the author and Tungsten).

Edwin Lee Mulligan and Pampirla Hanson Boxer 2010 captioned and compressed

 Jimmy Pike Scholarship recipients Pampirla Hanson Boxer (left) and Edwin Lee Mulligan, ECU studios, 2010.