2014 Francine Steele and Jennifer Dickens


Francine Steele Artists Photo compressedFrancine Steele lives with her family at Ngumpan Community, near Fitzroy Crossing, where she works at Ngurra Art Centre and creates art works about her father’s country.
As a teenager, Francine first watched her uncle, Jimmy Pike, painting during a family trip to Kurlku in the Great Sandy Desert. She started painting in 2008, encouraged by her father:

“My father Edgar Pike taught me how to paint. I ask him “How am I going to paint your country?” He draws the jilji and the water holes on a piece of paper and I copy his map on my canvas. He also tells me stories about his country. I enjoy learning his way.

“I look at my uncle’s painting and prints to get ideas for what colours to use.”

Francine lived and worked at Kunawarritji community for ten years, where she also learnt basket making from the older women, using grass and wool from around the community. At Ngurra Arts she also designs signs, lettering and prints for bags.

In April 2014, her work was shown in a joint exhibition with her father at Japingka Gallery in Fremantle.

Jennifer Dickens Artists PhotoBorn in Fitzroy Crossing, and growing up at Cherrabun Station, Jennifer Dickens has had an interesting life.  She can speak Walmajarri, Kriol and English and her work has taken her all over Western Australia.

Jennifer completed a Certificate IV Bilingual Work at Kimberley TAFE in 2011 and Graduated from the ANKAAA Art Worker Extension Program in 2012.  She also did an Introduction to Governance training through ORIC in 2012. In 2013 Jennifer was selected and participated in the prestigious National Gallery of Australia – Wesfarmers Arts Indigenous Leadership Program, participating in lectures and group work with National Gallery of Australia staff arts and business industry professionals.