2017 John ‘Prince’ Siddon

Prince photo for website orangeJohn ‘Prince’ Siddon is the son of Pompey Siddon, who was one of the founding painters at Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency in Fitzroy Crossing in 1991. A Walmajarri man, Prince was born in Derby in 1964, and spent his early years working on cattle stations, until injured in a horse riding accident. He now lives in Mindi Rardi Community, Fitzroy Crossing and is married with a teenage son.

Prince borrows his narrative formula from the traditional Kimberley craft of boab nut carving, adding a touch more menace, or reality. Prince’s assessment is that in terms of the law of averages, you will either be the eater, or be eaten yourself. He works in boab nut carving and painting, acrylic paint on canvas, and acrylic on carved or found wood, print making and has recently turned his hand at drawing into enamel painted tin objects. Prince is rapidly gaining attention for his inimitable composition and tricky line-work.

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