2019 Margaret Cox, Katie Leria and Sarah Leria

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Margaret, Katie and Sarah are members of Yiyili Community, 5km off Great Northern Highway between Fitzroy Crossing and Hall’s Creek.  They are represented by Laarri Gallery, the community’s art centre.

Katie Leria compressedKatie Leria has been a prolific painter for the gallery since it opened in 1999. Her energy and enthusiasm for works on canvas and carved artifacts has been consistent over the last 20 years.

She paints to explore tradition and culture. Her colorful and detailed works capture the plants and flowers of her country, with a particular interest in bush tucker and bush medicine.

As an established practicing artist, Katie is always searching for new ways to build on her existing  skills. She was excited by the opportunity to experience an active studio environment in which she can learn new techniques and approaches to the art-­‐marking process. The patterns and forms that make up Katie’s creative language translated well in the print making process.


Sarah Leria compressed XS

Sarah Leria began painting for the Laarri Gallery in 2017 and has thrown herself into making artwork with energy and enthusiasm.

She has been surrounded by creativity throughout her upbringing. Her mother Katie has shared her love of exploring traditional culture through art and is passing on these art-­‐making techniques to her daughter.

Sarah’s paintings celebrate landscape and culture. Her work explores her particular interest in the flora that can be found on country. Sarah paints bush tucker and plants and flowers that can be used for traditional medicine. Sarah works with paint in a traditional format. The patterns and forms that come out in Sarah’s work marry well with printmaking techniques.

Margaret Cox: Apologies, we hope to bring you Margaret’s bio shortly.