What previous recipients and art centres have said about the Scholarship

This was the first time for me to go to a university art school. I liked it there, it was really good! It was good to learn printmaking and to meet new friends. People were very friendly in the art school. I would like to go back to visit.

Going every morning to learn was like being back at school! I learnt about screen printing and lino printing. I like screenprinting the best. I felt proud to be following my uncle’s footsteps. I want to keep painting and making prints.

Francine Steele, 2014 Scholarship Recipient


I’ve enjoyed the program doing different skills that l have never done before in my life. Maybe one day I might start lino printing and screenprinting here at Mangkaja Art Centre that was on my mind when l was down south. And meeting different people that l never met before was just great. I wanted to say thanks!

Jennifer Dickens, 2014 Scholarship recipient


The Laarri Gallery is keen to promote and support new and emerging artists by exposing them to a variety of practices and skills early in their career. The scholarship offered emerging artist Sarah opportunity to explore new art making techniques early in her artistic career, helping to access her creative potential.  For the gallery and community, establishing a strong group of new generation artists is an important step for the future success and sense of pride for the Laarri Gallery. In addition, the two more experienced artists’ techniques and skills have been shared with many artists among the community over the years and they returned to Yiyili excited to share the skills learnt as part of the scholarship.

Laarri Gallery, 2019