What the scholarship covers


The scholarship includes:

  • bus and airfares to Perth
  • airport transfers in Perth
  • self-contained accommodation in Perth
  • a modest daily allowance to cover food expenses
  • support whilst in Perth from the Jimmy Pike Trust Project Officer, as required
  • printmaking workshops within the Edith Cowan University printmaking studios
  • all printmaking materials

Scholarship recipients are responsible for any other expenses that they may incur.

Conditions of the scholarship

Scholarship recipients agree:

  1. to attend the ECU Mount Lawley Campus from 8.30am to 4pm each weekday of the residency and take full advantage of the facilities and school programmes.
  2. that the Scholarship may be withdrawn if they are unable to give wholehearted commitment to this unique learning opportunity
  3. that the scholarship may be terminated, resulting in immediate return home, as the result of any anti-social behaviour by the recipient while in Perth
  4. that the Trust and the University waive any claim to a commission for work sold as a result of any subsequent exhibition.
  5. that the Jimmy Pike Trust will pay the expenses listed under ‘Inclusions’ above and that all other personal needs are the scholarship recipients’ responsibility.